Scouts are the section between Cubs and Explorers aged between 10.5 and 14. Scouts take part in lots of challenges and adventures including camping, hiking and water activities. With challenges for expeditions, creativity and team leading, Scouts can really give young people a boost in skillset and confidence.

Bearsted Scouts have 1 Scout troop in the group who meet on Thursday during term time.

Scouting offers all young people a fantasitc array of skills through activities and challenges. From learning life saving first aid skills, to how to treat others with respect, Scouts are given opportunities to pick up skills without even realising. Team work, confidence and overcoming adversity are all key skills that are developed through teh activities that scouting offers.

Ensuring young people have the confidence to overcome challenges and be themselevs is incredebly important, and through scouting we give young people that chance. We always encourage all our memebers to be themselves and caring for others. We also provide a safe and supportive enviroment to help young poeple overcome fears and gain confidence through activities and trying new experiences.

With regular activities from kayacking to expoditions, Scouts offers some fantastic unique opportunities for all young peopel aged between 10.5 and 14.

Scouts get opportunities to explore new places and try new skills. With regular opportunities to go camping, climbing, archery and hiking, adventure is always on the agenda. Our ballanced programs also ensure that there is time for getting creative and learning life changing skills as well!

Don't feel valued or included?

Scouting is all about doing more and being more. We are inclusive and bring the best out of all our members. With our challenges and awards, we help ensure that all our members feel valued in their acumplishments.

Got leadership potential?

Becoming a Scout leader gives you the opportunities to help shape the next generation of young people, giving them optimism, confidence and the skills they need to sucseed. If you think you have what it takes, then join our team today.